Traditional methods inspire my approach, and human power drives it. To that end, I use hand tools to provide land-based services in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. These include coppicing for woodland management, hedgelaying, and gardening.

Human Powered Land Based Services - Woodland management - Wood being processed and shoots growing from a coppice stool. Axe felled, human power.

Coppicing for Woodland Management

Coppicewood College nurtured my inner woodsman and I am now passionate about managing broadleaf woodland through Coppicing. In short, it benefits the health of the woodland by establishing a mixture of habitats that attract a diversity of life. At the same time, it provides a sustainable method of harvesting wood for coppice products. This is due to coppicing stimulating regrowth. A variety of hand tools are used to provide the human powered element.


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Human Powered Land Based Services - Example of Hedgelaying

Hedgelaying and Hedge Maintenance

A hedge well-laid is a beautiful thing. The Hedgelaying styles I practice include Pembrokeshire and Standard (Staked), I am familiar with other styles if required. Feel free to contact me for a no-obligation quote. Other services provided include hedge planting, coppicing and gapping up.

Human Powered Land Based Services - Gardening - A selection of my tools

Gardening Service

All aspects of garden maintenance are offered, including clearance, mowing, weeding and pruning. To provide the human-powered element as a gardener, I use various hand tools in place of powered ones. I use a push mower or scythe for mowing. I also use the scythe alongside other hand tools for clearing scrub. Scythe mowing has the benefit of being quiet. Furthermore, it can be beneficial to root and soil health.