Traditional methods inspire my approach, and human power drives it. To that end, I use hand tools to provide land-based services in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. These include coppicing for woodland management, hedgelaying, and scything.

Human Powered Land Based Services - Woodland management - Wood being processed and shoots growing from a coppice stool. Axe felled, human power.

Coppicing for Woodland Management

Coppicewood College nurtured my inner woodsman and I am now passionate about managing broadleaf woodland through Coppicing. In short, it benefits the health of the woodland by establishing a mixture of habitats that attract a diversity of life. At the same time, it provides a sustainable method of harvesting wood for coppice products. This is due to coppicing stimulating regrowth. A variety of hand tools are used to provide the human powered element.


Human Powered Land Based Services - Example of Hedgelaying

Hedgelaying and Hedge Maintenance

A hedge well-laid is a beautiful thing. The Hedgelaying styles I practice include Pembrokeshire and Standard (Staked), I am familiar with other styles if required. Feel free to contact me for a no-obligation estimate. Other services provided include hedge planting, coppicing and gapping up.

Human Powered Land Based Services - Scything - Windrows in field


I use a scythe to mow fields, meadows and lawns. I also have a selection of blades that allow flexibility to cut more confined spaces and challenging terrains. These include woodland rides, orchards, beds, banks, verges and ditches. Furthermore, the heavier shorter blades enable me to cut fibrous and woody vegetation areas, including young blackthorn.
Scythe mowing has the benefit of being quiet, reducing noise pollution and disturbance of wildlife. Furthermore, scything can be beneficial to root and soil health.